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Dnipropetrovsk Professional Art and Art College of Culture of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council is an educational institution that was established in the spring of 2020 by merging the Dnipropetrovsk College of Culture and Arts and the Dnipropetrovsk Theater and Art College.

The new college combines the history of three cultural and artistic centers, dating back to the early twentieth century:

Art Department of Dnipropetrovsk Theater and Art College - opened in 1925 on the basis of art courses; already in 1929 it was transformed into an art and pedagogical technical school. In 1930 a sculpture department was opened, and in 1935 the art and pedagogical technical school was renamed the Dnipropetrovsk State Art School. In 1966 a department of decoration was opened, and in 1991 a department of decorative and applied arts was opened. In 1997, the Dnipropetrovsk State Art School merged with the Dnipropetrovsk Theater School and the Dnipropetrovsk Theater and Art College was established on their basis.

Theatrical Department of Dnipropetrovsk Theater and Art College , founded in 1930 as a theater faculty at the Dnipropetrovsk Music and Drama College, and since 1939 began to exist as an independent educational institution - Dnipropetrovsk State theater school, which trained actors in drama theater, and since 1950 - leaders of theater and choreographic groups. Beginning in the 1970s, the institution returned to the training of drama actors and opened a specialty "Puppet Theater Actor". Since 1992, the choreography department has been graduating specialists in the field of “Ballet Dancer. Teacher".

An important role in educational activities, popularization of the institution is played by creative workshops created at different times: in the department of drama actors - educational theaters "Debut" and "Intimate Theater of Antosha Chekhonte" (head - GF Babiy), in the department actors of the puppet theater - "Glove" (leaders - OI Samokhvalova, LA Koltyrina), in the choreographic department - "Divertissement" (director-VI Rogachev)

Dnipropetrovsk College of Culture and Arts , founded in 1944 as a technical school of political education. During its existence, the institution has changed its name several times:

1946 - technical school for training cultural and educational workers;

1960 - cultural and educational school;

1990 - School of Culture.

2014 - "Dnipropetrovsk College of Culture and Arts" DOR "

Recently, a number of creative teams have been created on the basis of the college:

  • Folk Choir "Red Viburnum" (leader - Rozdaibida PI)
  • Folk dance ensemble "Goritsvit" (leader - Mandzyuk SM)
  • Variety instrumental ensemble "VIA DUK" (leader - Myasnikov OA)
  • Ensemble of classical dance "Breath" (leader - Demchenko NI)
  • Ensemble of Domrists "DEKA" (leader - Gavrilova NM)
  • Bandura Ensemble "Kupava" (leader - Intalova VL)
  • Accordion Ensemble "Mood" (leader - Obodovska MV
  • Vocal ensemble "Kantilena" (leader - Belikova TV)
  • Lik Theater (director - SI Chuyko)
  • Teatron Theater (supervisor - VI Salnikov)
  • Nina Kondratieva Theater (director - NP Kondratieva)

The college is in constant creative search, fruitfully working in the pedagogical and cultural-artistic field. Today it is modern, creative, but still constant like any classic, which has absorbed the consistently high quality of education, the talent of teachers, and loyalty to their own traditions.

Today, our school is actively developing innovative strategies, introducing new specialties, conducting international activities, as well as moving towards the Academy of Culture, Arts and Creative Industries - a higher education institution that would be a source of productive creative energy, a center of proactive thinking and training of specialists in creative industries.