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Student council members

First Deputy Chairman of the Student Council

head of the student council

Deputy Co-Chair of the Music and Directing Departments

Deputy Director of the Theater Department

Deputy Co-Chair of Choreography and Management

Deputy Minister of Arts

secretary of the student council

secretary of the student council


The Student Council of the College is a team of socially active, enterprising, creative and dedicated students from all specialties who work with the great goal "to make the college better every day, fill it with student spirit and go to the future together with the administration"!

SFMHCC students are actively involved in the management of the college through student government. Business and constructive relations between students and administration are established at all levels on the basis of mutual understanding and cooperation.

The Student Council submits to the director a proposal on the logistics of student government. Your suggestions for improving the system of education and upbringing.

Student government representatives spend their free time helping students realize their creative potential, work with the administration and teachers, address proposals, applications and requests on behalf of students to the college management, help solve any problems and difficulties, support, encourage and ignite the hearts of those who strive for creative self-expression, self-improvement and creating a bright world around!