Excursion to the Children's Day. Photo and video report


Dnipropetrovsk Vocational College of Arts has opened its doors to young visitors. An excursion was organized for the Children's Day. Students of 8-9 grades were invited. How the holiday meeting went - in a photo report.

The guests were greeted by bright animators with sincere warm hugs. Students were told the history of the college building, which is over 120 years old and is now an architectural monument of national importance. There are still unique interiors in the Art Nouveau style - stairs and the former meeting room of the City Council of Ekaterinoslav. The children were led through the corridors where the patron and local historian Oleksandr Pol worked. And also showed an office where the then head of the city sat. They let to the most secret room of each artist - dressing rooms.

“Students call our college the charming Hogwarts. After all, mysterious things take place here, creative secrets are revealed. The magic of art lives on. Today we decided to present a piece of it to the guests, "said the director of the college Inna Rudkevych.

A little show was added to the tour. The third-year student of college Vitaly Hype acted, he guessed thoughts, showed tricks with levitation and various subjects.

"Nowadays, during the war, I give charity concerts for children and adults. In particular, in the centers for migrants. Today I was glad to perform at a holiday at my home college, "said the magician.

Lyceum student from Dnipro Alina finished the eighth grade. She is in no hurry to grow up. He says he will still have time to grow up. However, she has already decided on her future profession. He wants to be a teacher.

"I was very impressed with the building. Ancient doors, stucco. The atmosphere itself is unusual. I liked the magician. I took part in one of the numbers, everything worked out. Today will be remembered by all of us, "Alina shared her impressions.

But her peer Elizabeth is thinking about a creative profession related to music or fine arts.
"We added a festive mood. Our whole class liked it. Maybe I'll think about entering this college, "said Lisa.

The college has more than 800 students. There are departments of choreography, vocals, design, directing, fine arts, acting.

Source: Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration
Video report: Channel 9