New Educational Program "Audiovisual Art and Production"


⚡️ Friends, we have incredibly exciting news - Dnipro Art College has obtained a license for a new educational program, "Audiovisual Art and Production"!

🔸 This means that starting from September, our college will offer courses for the following:

📹 Videographer (video shooting and editing)
🎥 Cinematographer and Assistant Cinematographer
🎬 Film Director and Assistant Film Director
🌠 Animation Films Director and Assistant Animation Director
🎧 Sound Designer and Assistant Sound Designer
🖥 Multimedia Object Designer and Performer
📝 Film and Television Production Producer

🎞 Students of the "Audiovisual Art and Production" program will learn the fundamentals of cinematography, directing, media design, animation, and sound production, and they will create their own audiovisual products during their studies.

💿 Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge and acquired skills in television, radio, and film companies, digital media, advertising agencies, and various cultural and educational institutions.