Learning from European masters


Twenty students of Dnipro Art College took part in the master class of the French artist and animation director Serge Elissalde. The winner of many awards, including the "Cesar" award, came to Dnipro in the second half of August at the invitation of the "Cultural capital" foundation. The director got to know the hometown of Samuil Hranovskyi (1882-1942), a French artist and sculptor, to whom he plans to dedicate an animated film.

Mr. Elissalde visited several cultural institutions and events. And he held a master class on animation for our students: future filmmakers, artists, directors of spectacular events and cultural managers.

During the first meeting with the director, the students were given the task of drawing frame by frame their dream, dream or memory and showed the results of their work in a few days. Serge Elissalde praised everyone, regardless of artistic skill: in his opinion, to create animation, you need not so much the ability to draw as the desire. The director also expressed gratitude for the work and admiration for the courage of the residents of the front-line city.

Photo by Hanna Chechelnytska, methodologist of the college