Dnipro Art College honors Нeroes


On the Day of Defenders of Ukraine, a patriotic educational hour was held at the Dnipropetrovsk Professional College of Arts and Culture.
The students were visited by a graduate and former teacher, and now the head of the military chaplaincy service of the central territorial administration of the National Guard of Ukraine, lieutenant colonel of the chaplaincy service Andrii Karpenko.

- Every peaceful moment is someone's life. You should remember this and appreciate every second you have. Do not waste time, engage in your physical and creative development. Go to the goal. And strive to bring only good and help to this world, - said Mr. A.Karpenko to the students.
At the event, the memory of two graduates of the theater department who died in the battles - Vladyslav Zakharenko and Oleksii Khilskyі - was honored. Recently, a creative group of graduates of Dnipro Art College (producer Artur Dvoriankin) made a film about Vladyslav, which was shown to the students.

- Vlad served in the National Guard of Ukraine and asked his mother every day if he had received a summons from the Military Commissariat. He was waiting for it and went to the Armed Forces of Ukraine without thinking, said teacher Mykola Berkatiuk. - And when we received the news that he died, we all had a shock!

- It is very difficult to lose a person whom you have known almost since childhood. Who before your eyes falls in love, gets married, gives birth to a child, and then died, said Olena Rіapulova, a teacher and colleague of Oleksii Khilskyi.

They met when Oleksiї came to study at the studio "Believe" twenty years ago.
Later, Oleksii moved to Kyiv and started acting in movies. After the end of the war, he planned to return to teaching work, but it was not destined to ...

Photo by Volodymyr Tarazevych