Restoration of the facade of the main building of the college is included in the program "Great Restoration"


It happened!

The ancient building of the Ekaterinoslav Duma, the decoration of our city, the only object that currently reproduces the gold standard of Viennese classics and testifies to the deep ties of our city with the European cultural heritage. The national monument of architecture, the pride of the people of Dnipro, and now the main building of the Dnipropetrovsk Professional Art College of Culture, approved to the list of reconstruction in the program of the President of Ukraine "Great Restoration"!

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine will finance the restoration of the facade of the building.   This was announced by Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko  

Restoration will save the architectural monument from irreparable changes and will be able to become the starting point of the city's tourist route, significantly enrich the list of cultural sites of the city. & nbsp;

Today, the region still lacks the pace of development of the creative sector and the outflow of productive forces in the field of culture. This is due to the lack of a higher education institution that would train specialists in the field of culture. Its opening would create a basis for the growth of scientific and intellectual potential of the region, create favorable conditions for the development of the creative sector, as well as innovations in the cultural environment of the community.

Restoration will be an effective step to change the formation of the concept of the Dnieper - as in the past a closed city (literally due to space status) to the status of an open, European city, where cultural institutions operate in a synergistic combination of traditions and innovations.

Studying in these walls, we have an incredibly productive aura of artistic life, and now we will be inspired by the further development of "Art College concert hall", the concept of which we will present very soon. The modern concert hall will become a proactive educational and artistic center for the whole community, as well as the Academy of Culture, Arts and Creative Industries on the basis of the college.

After the restoration, we will open the door for tours, communication and creative exchanges, and we are already preparing a guide for this.

We thank the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine for constant care and meaningful approach to the development of culture through innovations and traditions. & nbsp;

Thank you to the regional state administration, the regional council and all experts and stakeholders. & nbsp;

It's incredible!