Masterclass as part of the all-Ukrainian mental health programme "How are you?"


🔸Since the beginning of September, the House of Arts has hosted an exhibition "Urban Outlines of Dnipro", where graduates of the Graphic Design programme in Dnipro Art College presented their vision of the city.

🎨During the exhibition, several watercolour sketching workshops were held by DAC teachers Lana Korolevska and Olena Kapustiak, mentors of the young designers participating in the exhibition.

🔸The last workshop was held as part of the all-Ukrainian mental health programme "How are you?". It was attended by internally displaced persons who lost their homes due to the war.

💬 "People of different ages and professions were painting, looking at the preserved photos of familiar landscapes, buildings, squares, mine passages, railway stations, sacred buildings... Watercolour paints spread on watercolour paper as they were crying, expressing the moods of the painters, and artists-teachers Lana Korolevska and Olena Kapustiak helped in the search for images," Valentyna Sloboda, the art director of the State House of Artists, wrote on the website of the State House of Artists.
Photos by Mykola Myakshykov and Volodymyr Ozhuh