Journey into the Ukrainian Word with Borys Hrinchenko | Art College Podcast


Borys Hrinchenko can truly be called one of the Titans of Ukrainian culture. He was an educator, writer, publicist, linguist, lexicographer, literary critic, historian, ethnographer, and a public figure.

During Soviet times, he was labeled as a "nationalist," and consequently, his vast literary and scientific legacy was doomed to be forgotten. This is why it remains insufficiently explored and known to this day.

On December 9th, we will commemorate the 160th anniversary of Borys Hrinchenko's birth. In honor of the upcoming anniversary, the leading librarian of DAC Kateryna Mazur and philologist, instructor at DAC Larysa Bohuslavska, have prepared an engaging podcast about the multifaceted personality of Borys Hrinchenko (link in the first comment).

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