The Holodomor: A Word of Remembrance | Art College Podcast (for the Day of Remembrance for Holodomor Victims)


Annually, on the fourth Saturday of November in Ukraine, we observe the Day of Remembrance for Holodomor Victims.

Soviet communists, in their attempts to subdue Ukrainians, repeatedly orchestrated mass famines on our lands: in 1921-1923, the mid-1940s, and the most horrifying – in 1932-1933 when, due to forced famine, officially, 4 million people perished. The Holodomor of 1932-1933 is recognized as genocide against the Ukrainian people.

In the latest episode of the Art College Podcast, DAC history teacher Nadia Malyga discusses the causes of the tragedy, its horrors, the reactions of both the communist and current Russian leadership, as well as the somber consequences of artificial famines in Ukraine (link in the comments).

Today at 16:00, in memory of all those starved, light a candle on your windowsill and join the nationwide moment of silence...

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