Mykola Khvylovy. Waves of Life and Strength | Art College Podcast


He is one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, who led Ukrainian literature onto the European path and simultaneously enriched world literature. As literary scholar Vira Aheyeva wrote, he "was a son of his time and shared many of its lofty aspirations and bitter illusions."

On December 13, 2023, it will be 130 years since the birth of Mykola Khvylovy. During his lifetime, he, the leader of an entire literary generation, was incredibly popular and well-known – both as a writer and as a person. After his death, not only his works but also his name fell under prohibition. Only in recent years have Ukrainians rediscovered this extraordinary personality and his creativity.

Follow the link in the comments and listen to the podcast prepared by the leading librarian of DAC Kateryna Mazur and philologist Larysa Bohuslavka for the writer's anniversary.

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