Irena Bolunchych Grachin


presentation, lecture

Irena Boljuncic Gracin - President of the network of European independent cultural centers Trans Europe Hales (TEH). Bolunchic Gracin is the first woman in history to head the TEH Network and the first person to be elected president of Europe's largest and most influential network of cultural centers in the Balkans. Irena Bolyunchych Grachin also heads a program for cultural and social centers in Southeast Europe, Ukraine and Belarus that focuses on development and networking models.

TEH is a network of independent cultural centers in Europe, founded in 1983. It brings together 127 multidisciplinary, artistic and socially involved centers across Europe. The network is currently implementing a number of major European projects in collaboration with universities, colleges and cultural institutions from across Europe. Focus topics of TEN are cultural and social spaces, urban development, creative economy, social innovations, business creative models, social impact of cultural spaces.

Irena Bolyunchych Grachin gave a presentation of Trans Europe Hales at the Dnipropetrovsk Vocational College of Arts and Culture and told about the opportunities for cultural and professional mobility for students, student internship programs. Irena also gave a lecture on her many years of experience as a circus artist, chairman of the circus association in Croatia and shared her experience of creating a cultural center for artists, artists and local activists in Pula, Croatia http://rojcnet.pula.org/index.php/hr/.

The event was supported by the Startup Support Program Trans Europe Hales (TEH)