Week of general education and social sciences and humanities


As part of the thematic week, an integrated interactive lesson on history and English "History of Entrepreneurship in the UK. The role of social networks. Teachers Victoria Ovchinnikova and Nadiya Malyga suggested that students use modern tools to develop new material: specially designed exercises through online games, video visual series, qr-codes and the capabilities of the Google Classroom platform.

Teacher Tetyana Trifonova invited students of the 2nd design to see the topic "Photometric quantities. Spectroscope "through connections with mathematics and history.

For the World Pi Day, teacher Natalia Sosna held a thematic event "Mathematics in human life" for first and second year students.

Teacher Olga Protsenko was awarded an integrated lesson of Ukrainian literature "Life and creative way of Lesya Ukrainka", a thematic exhibition of literature and creative works dedicated to the anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka. Also for Taras Shevchenko's birthday, she organized an exhibition of murals and an online presentation in Google Classroom. The events were attended by students of all first and second years.

"Methods of scientific and pedagogical research" and "Stages of pedagogical research" - these are the topics teacher Tamara Paslyuchenko together with third-year students explored during integrated classes.

Also within the week of general education and social-humanitarian disciplines a number of events took place:

March 09, 2021 thematic lesson "Basic safety requirements at work. Instruction on labor protection of actors of the drama theater" - teacher Igor Andrushchenko.

March 09, 2021 thematic lesson "Elements of Japanese poetry in BDZ. Didactic senkan" - teacher Valentina Vlasova.

March 10, 2021 thematic lesson "Sociology in Law" - teacher Victoria Kirichenko.

March 11, 2021 thematic lesson "Functioning of e-mail as a means of solving unemployment" - teacher Vitaly Andreev.