Opening of the Cultural Heritage Support Center


On September 9, 2023, our college, in partnership with the University of Customs and Finance, ceremoniously inaugurated the Cultural Heritage Support Center and the exhibition of Petrykivka painting. Our teachers and director, Inna Rudkevych, were actively involved in the establishment of the center.

"The exhibition represents both traditional authentic techniques and products, as well as contemporary designer adaptations. The 'faces' of the exhibition are antique Petrykivka dowry chests from the 18th century and their modern designer counterparts from the Art and Design College workshop. They symbolize the preservation and development of cultural heritage," wrote the university's rector, Dmytro Bocharov, on his Facebook page. 

Visitors had the opportunity to participate in Petrykivka painting workshops conducted by our students.

Photos provided by the University of Customs and Finance.