In Memory of College Graduate Bohdan Kolesnyk


A tremendous and painful loss for the entire artistic family of our country! The incredibly talented actor Bohdan Kolesnyk, a graduate of our college's theater department, has fallen on the front lines.

Bohdan was born in Kryvyi Rih. After completing our college, he studied at the Kyiv Theatrical University named after Karpenko-Karyi, and worked in several theaters. He appeared in TV series such as "SuperCops," "Investigator on call," "Trampler," "Maestro," and "Go Out Without Ringing."

With the onset of full-scale war, Bohdan Kolesnyk volunteered for the Territorial Defense Forces, where he ended up on the frontline. In early December, he expressed gratitude on his social media pages to volunteers supporting defenders with aid and donations. "You are our rear and belief in humanity," wrote the actor.

Yesterday, it became known that Bohdan sacrificed his life for Ukraine. "The best Dad in the world is no longer with us," wrote the actor's wife, Nadiya, on Facebook. He was 36 years old.

Thank you for your protection and loyalty to Ukraine!
Eternal honor and memory to the brave warrior!