Masterclass on Cinematography Techniques as part of the Media Lab Project


Dnipro Art College has initiated a series of masterclasses as part of the grant received from the Goethe-Institut Ukraine for the establishment of a media lab.

Experienced and well-known cinematographer Yuriy Khrystian introduced students from the Audiovisual Arts and Production specialty to the newly acquired filming equipment, funded by the grant.

Participants in the masterclass:

- Familiarized themselves with the basic rules of setting up lighting equipment on the film set,
- Explored the possibilities of Chroma key technology,
- Acquired basic skills in lighting, shooting on a green screen, and framing.

Photos by Volodymyr Tarazevych

Funding is provided from the Stabilization Fund for Culture and Education 2023 by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and Goethe-Institut https://www.goethe.de/de/index.html Auswärtiges Amt"