Psychological Performance "Instructions for Life"


At birth, people are not given instructions for life, so everyone has to create their own. No matter how long and painful it may be to seek solutions in complex situations, there is always a way...

The 2nd-year students of "Spectacular and Theatrical Events" incorporated this idea into their presentation on the basics of directing, which instructor Khrystyna Dolivets referred to as a psychological performance titled "Instructions for Life."

"This is a relatively new genre: we combined therapeutic theater and performance. What is therapeutic theater? Directors choose a theme that personally disturbs them, and through artistic forms, metaphors, and images, we try to find a way out of this situation. While we work on the episode, they transform the problem and find a solution for themselves. On stage, it becomes their 'truth,' and after the show, they rise to a new level, as if everything is already well for them. And in doing so, they offer a certain experience to the audience.

As a director, I liked the topics chosen by the students. It's relevant; it's what bothers all of us now: we are all going through war and personal issues – they don't disappear. And for us, it was important to give all these themes a vivid form. That's why I chose a performance.

As directors, students had to collaborate with other actors: explain tasks, arrange blocking, devise lighting. Students played with various decorations, props, details of characters, costumes. Everything is interconnected: it's like tying everyone together, and at the same time resembling scars...

We did a broad range of work. This is the final presentation for the 2nd year. But when we started working, we realized: we need more people! And  the 1st and 3rd-year students willingly joined us," shared Khrystyna Dolivets.