Presentation of Dmytro Synytsa's Book "Glow of Vorkuta"


To captivate high school students with his subjects, Dmytro Synytsa began his lessons with tales of adventures of their peer nicknamed Gavryk. These were real-life stories witnessed by Mr. Synytsa during his travels and life journeys. Over time, the teacher set a condition: he would only share stories of adventures if there were no unsatisfactory grades in the class. And it worked. Eventually, Dmytro Synytsa compiled his narratives into a book.

"Gavryk" garnered the most attention from students of the Theater Department at Dnipro Art College, who attended a creative meeting with the author during the National Reading Week. It's worth noting that Dmytro Synytsa is an alumnus of this department.

Furthermore, Mr. Synytsa presented his new book "Glow of Vorkuta," published this year with the support of the Ukrainian Book Institute. The book recounts events in the Vorkuta forced labor camp (Vorkutlag) from December 29, 1952, to March 6, 1953. The author, born in a Stalinist camp to parents Dmytro Danylovych and Maria Kindrativna, members of the UIA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), dedicated his documentary narrative to them.

"Sometimes it's quite challenging to peer into the past, filled with the horror of Stalinist camps where the author's parents ended up due to their unwavering stance on being Ukrainians. Dmytro Synytsa is a living witness to what millions of Ukrainians had to endure to be independent and free from the red terror. The events of the past are a reminder of where we must not return! And this was the main idea that resonated during the meeting. It was pleasing to see the lively interest of the students and the dialogue with the author. The book was immediately picked up for reading, and the conversation with Mr. Synytsa lasted a long time," shared Kateryna Mazur, the lead librarian at DAC.

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