Creation of a Media Laboratory Commences at Dnipro Art College


The establishment of a media laboratory (studio for audiovisual production) has begun at Dnipro Art College, thanks to a grant received from Goethe-Institut Ukraine at the end of autumn. Film equipment has already arrived at the college, allowing for the upcoming organization of the first workshop on cinematography for our students.

Over the past four years, two new relevant specialties have been developed based on our institution: Management of socio-cultural activities (Dnipro Art College) and Audiovisual Arts and Production (Dnipro Art College). Students from both educational and professional programs not only familiarize themselves with new media but also learn to create diverse media products, including videos, stories, programs, podcasts, and more.

Additionally, students from other educational programs who are interested in audiovisual production and plan to incorporate it into their future careers (creating music videos, video presentations, animated films, etc.) also participate.

To provide educational opportunities for practical skills during the learning process, the administration of DAC aims to establish a media laboratory at the college and has applied for grants from various European institutions. This autumn, Goethe-Institut in Ukraine supported the idea of a Media Studio at Dnipro Art College.

Funding is provided from the Stabilization Fund for Culture and Education 2023 by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany and Goethe-Institut  https://www.goethe.de/de/index.html Auswärtiges Amt.