Chao Tan Lan and Gregor Sidel



 Chao Tan Lan  from Vietnam and  Gregor Sidel  from Austria, as well as their team “Siedl/Cao”  entered the top five Austrian bands that received the Austrian Sound of Music 2018-2019 in the nomination "Contemporary Music". They have participated in many international festivals and performed at concert venues around the world. Among them: Rotterdam Opera House 2018, Vienna Music Theater 2018, Krieg Singen Festival in the House of Cultures of the World Berlin, FIME - Intern Festival, the Experimental Music Sao Paulo, Frischzelle Festival for Intermediate Performance Cologne, Strom Festival Köln, Opera Hanoi, Festival Ankunft Neue Musik Berlin, Ftarri Tokyo, Nomart Osaka, WIM Zurich, CHELA Buenos Aires, Institut Francais Hanoi and others.

Siedl/Cao toured Europe, Iran, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Finland, Vietnam, Australia and Indonesia.

Dnipropetrovsk Vocational College of Arts and Culture Siedl/Cao held a workshop and lecture on "What is music or art?".

The event was supported by the Austrian Forum as part of the Year of Culture Austria - Ukraine 2019