The Subjektiv platform is a new opportunity for Ukrainian artists and experts


This news should interest our ambitious student artists, designers, and teachers! A Ukrainian team of young creative enthusiasts has created the Subjektiv platform, which will provide new opportunities for Ukrainian artists, experts, and fans.

The Subjektiv Team has set an overarching goal for itself: to unite creative people, professional critics, and anyone who seeks to shape and be a part of the modern art context in a single digital space. They aim to create the most convenient and progressive conditions for the exchange of ideas and inspiration, as well as to provide a springboard for discovering new horizons. 

Most importantly, they want to facilitate a simpler and more accessible process for purchasing and selling various art objects.

On the Subjektiv platform, creative works will have a full life. Its founders are able to showcase the history of their conception and creation, the sources of inspiration for artists, the creation process itself, the context around them, and much more.

Subjektiv offers a new approach to valuing art: artists receive royalties from future art sales, experts receive commissions for their critical reviews and feedback, and buyers receive unique bonuses for their selections and purchases.

The team is actively working on expanding the community's reach. In addition to Ukraine and advanced European countries, Subjektiv is preparing to open its opportunities to art enthusiasts from the United States of America and other parts of the world.

To become a part of the Subjektiv community right now, simply visit the website, register, and add your first work to the platform. The current version of the site is currently only available for registration and publication of creative works. However, as soon as the required number of artists join the platform, the full functionality of additional opportunities for experts and buyers will be available.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/subjektivspace/
Facebook: facebook.com/SubjektivSpace
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/subjektiv