Research on the Work of Cultural Organizations in Dnipro by Kultura Medialna


Partners of our college, Kultura Medialna, have initiated research on the activities of cultural organizations in Dnipro and the region in order to facilitate their collaboration with European institutions.

The NGO team, in collaboration with the German organization Freihandelszone, is working on establishing a network of cooperation between initiatives in Dnipro and Cologne, which became sister cities in 2022.

Currently, Kultura Medialna is investigating the current needs and status of local cultural organizations: civic associations, initiatives, municipal enterprises that continue to actively operate in the fields of culture, art, urbanism, community engagement, etc. (including museums, theaters, civic organizations, art and cultural centers, galleries, festivals, concert venues, educational institutions in the field of culture and the arts).

If your team and you are interested in creating joint projects with colleagues from Cologne, please fill out this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeA2BnXQ0IATgsYk5gRCrgi73TzdM_tWn0Ar4iw41npgs_W4A/viewform