Puppet Theater Actor

Puppet Theater Actor

About specialty

The course is aimed at obtaining in the future special education in the field of performing arts with a significant component of individual forms of education, practical classes and various practices (training, production), providing professional training of the applicant.

 Program professional competencies: 

  • Ability to solve professional problems in the field of stage activity.
  • Ability to generate an idea and develop a new artistic idea and its implementation in a work of performing arts.
  • Skills of public presentation of the result of your creative (intellectual) activity.
  • Free orientation in directions, styles, genres of world and Ukrainian performing arts.
  • Operating with a specific system of means of expression (plastic-pictorial, acting-performing), puppetry technique during the creation and demonstration of a stage work.
  • Ability to work effectively in the team in the process of creating a synthetic by nature stage work, participation in the creative team in the process of its preparation.
 The qualification obtained in the specialty provides an opportunity to work: 
  • Actor (theater, cinema, etc.)
  • Language tutor
  • Reader
  • Head (art and art studios, amateur association, interest club, etc.)
  • Team leader (theatrical, amateur, etc.).
  • Teacher of a professional educational institution
  • Teacher of theatrical disciplines
Graduates can continue their studies at the first (bachelor's) level of higher education.