Folk Choreography

Folk Choreography

About specialty

The specialty provides prospects in performing professional activity as a part of choreographic collectives and the activity directed on satisfaction of cultural needs of citizens. Organizational and pedagogical, teaching activities in school, out-of-school, preschool educational institutions. Mastering the course will provide opportunities to solve typical specialized problems in a particular area of ​​professional activity or in the learning process. & Nbsp;

 Program professional competencies: 

  • Basic concepts and knowledge in the field of choreographic art, the ability to apply in practice the appropriate methods, forms and means of choreography in practical professional activities.
  • Understanding the compositional and holistic solution of creating a work of art (image) based on emotional and sensory perception of musical form and basic knowledge of choreographic means of embodiment.
  • Representation of the phenomenon of basic laws and modern achievements in the methodology of teaching choreographic disciplines (classical, folk-stage, Ukrainian, historical and everyday dance, modern and ballroom dance).
  • Use of knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of choreography to solve problems related to preparation and participation in competitions, shows; creative performances, concerts, performances, etc.
Students specialize in the artist's competencies necessary to perform the repertoires of professional folk dance ensembles, dance groups of folk choirs, ballet troupes of music and drama theaters and other professional dance groups; formation of a set of knowledge, skills and abilities to conduct classes in professional choreographic disciplines at an art school; competence of the head of the amateur choreographic team.

 The qualification obtained in the specialty provides an opportunity to work: 
  • As an artist in professional public and private choreographic groups according to the specifics of their activities
  • As the leader of the amateur choreographic team, the leader of the circle
  • As a teacher of choreographic disciplines of art schools
Graduates can continue their studies at the first (bachelor's) level of higher education.