Folk Instrumental Art (folk instruments)

Folk Instrumental Art (folk instruments)

About specialty

Prospects for activities in the field of music are aimed at creating, promoting and using music professionals to meet the artistic and cultural needs of society. Practical mastering of competences of musical and pedagogical activity. The development of a person's ability to solve typical specialized problems in a particular field of professional activity or in the learning process.

 Program professional competencies: 

  • Professional proficiency:
1) playing music on a professional musical instrument;
2) methods of teaching playing a professional musical instrument;
3) methods of working with amateur creative team.
  • Ability to apply basic knowledge of leading music-theoretical systems and concepts, historical and culturological processes of music art development in performing, pedagogical and creative activities.
  • Create and implement your own arrangements.
  • Possession of basic knowledge of methods and organization of cultural and leisure activities, management of the production process and the ability to use them in professional and socio-cultural activities.
The specialty provides students with a set of theoretical knowledge, professional competencies necessary for instrumental, pedagogical and organizational work in modern art schools and in the socio-cultural sphere.

 The qualification obtained in the specialty provides an opportunity to work: 
  • Amateur Leader
  • Art school teacher
  • Organizer of cultural and leisure activities
A graduate can lead an amateur orchestra (ensemble) of folk instruments in cultural institutions (clubs), schools, out-of-school, preschool educational institutions (clubs, studios, etc.). work as a teacher of art schools, school, out-of-school, preschool educational institutions , to be the organizer of cultural and leisure activities in the socio-cultural sphere.
Further education graduates can continue their studies at the first (bachelor's) level of higher education in educational institutions of the appropriate level of accreditation.