Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts

About specialty

Petrykivsky painting - a bright manifestation of national arts and crafts - after being included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO has become a business card of Ukraine in the world and the most popular element of Ukrainian ethnic design.

 Program professional competencies: 

  • Ability to use theoretical knowledge and practical skills to master creative search techniques.
  • Ability to apply basic methods of analysis and evaluation of the current state of arts and crafts. 
  • Development of creative imagination and figurative thinking, artistic observation, visual memory, education of a wide artistic and aesthetic culture and artistic taste. 
  • Perfect mastery of drawing, painting, methods and laws of compositional painting and the ability to direct this theoretical knowledge and practical skills to perform work in the material. 
  • Possession of a system of methodological principles and a system of compositional and artistic means of achieving formal and figurative expression. & nbsp;
  • Application of professionally profiled knowledge in the creation of objects of decorative and applied arts (by type), plot composition. 
  • Ability to organize exhibition activities. 
  Professional disciplines:  
  • Professional skill (Petrykivka painting)
  • Decorative painting
  • Figure
  • Color
  • Composition and design
  • Computer Graphics
  • Design Basics
  • Fonts
  • Fundamentals of Architecture and Layout
  • Anatomy
  • Drawings
  • Art History
  • History of ornament
 The qualification obtained in the specialty provides an opportunity to work: 
  • Artist, performer, painter, sculptor, decorative artist
  • Teacher of primary specialized art schools
  • Organizer in the field of culture and art (curator of art projects)
  • Decorator
Graduates can continue their studies at the first (bachelor's) level of higher education.